LOCAL 4951 Executive

Local 4951 is run by its members, for its members. It’s a democratic organization. Executive Board members are elected at the General Meeting in January every year to serve for a 2-year term. Part of the Executive is elected in even years and part is elected in odd years. This is to give stability to the Executive Board.¬† All executive members perform their duties in addition to their regular positions. The executive is made up of fifteen members. All members of the executive have a vote with the exception of CNC College Board Representative. There is also three trustee positions and all positions are elected for a three-year term. Only one position is elected every year.

The Executive has created a more in-depth job description for all executive officers. We have posted it under the member’s area.

Rusty Watson, President
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5255
Email: president@cupe4951.ca


Marnee BomanMarnee Boman, 1st Vice President
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5288
Email: firstvice@cupe4951.ca


Lily Bachand, 2nd Vice President-Regions and CUPE 4951 Bargaining Chair
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5666
Email: secondvice@cupe4951.ca

Vacant, 2nd Vice President – CECLC (Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre)

Vacant, 2nd Vice President – MFSJ (Municipality of Fort St. James)

Garth Schienbein, Regional VP – Lakes
Phone: (250) 692-1700 Local 1708
Email: vicelakes@cupe4951.ca

Michelle Gunter, Regional VP – Mackenzie
Phone:(250) 997-7200 Local 7201
Email: vicemackenzie@cupe4951.ca

Kari-Ann Gilbert, Regional VP – Nechako
Phone: (250) 567-3200 Local 3218
Email: vicenechako@cupe4951.ca

Karen Cash, Regional VP – Quesnel
Phone: (250) 991-7500 Local 7607
Email: vicequesnel@cupe4951.ca

Jane Warburton, Chief Shop Steward
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5531
Email: chiefss@cupe4951.ca

Leanne Yearley, Secretary Treasurer
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5367
Email: treasurer@cupe4951.ca

Azu Rudland, Recording Secretary
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5262
Email: recordingsecretary@cupe4951.ca

Book Buksa, CNC College Board
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5805 or direct at (250) 561-5805
Email: collegeboardrep@cupe4951.ca

Steven Giese, Membership Officer 
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5402
Email: membershipofficer1@cupe4951.ca

Jason Clark, Membership Officer
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5677
Email: membershipofficer2@cupe4951.ca

Trustees are elected for three year terms that overlap. For a description of the duties of the trustees, please see the CUPE 4951 Bylaws.

Trustees are:
Heather Duff
Terry Hounsell
Alika Rajput