LOCAL 4951 Executive




Local 4951 is run by its members, for its members. It’s a democratic organization.Executive Board members are elected at the General Meeting in January every year to serve for a 2-year term. Part of the Executive is elected in even years and part is elected in odd years. This is to give stability to the Executive Board.  All executive members perform their duties in addition to their regular positions.The executive is made up of fifteen members. All members of the executive have a vote with the exception of CNC College Board Representative. There is also three trustee positions and all positions are elected for a three-year term. Only one position is elected every year.




The Executive has created a more in-depth job description for all executive officers. We have posted it under the member’s area.




Lily Bachand Lily Bachand, President
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5666
Email: president@cupe4951.ca




Lily first became a Local 4951 member in 2000 and for the first three years worked casual or term positions at the college, Lily was first elected in President in December 2005 and is the current president. Lily has worked in many departments at the college and presently holds a position of Project Coordinator in the Center for Teaching and Learning.






Marnee BomanMarnee Boman, 1st Vice President
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5288
Email: firstvice@cupe4951.ca






Book Buksa, 2nd Vice President – Regions
Phone: (250) 561-5805
Email: secondvice@cupe4951.ca




Vacant, 2nd Vice President – CECLC (Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre)
Phone: (250)




Vacant, Regional VP – Lakes
Email: vicelakes@cupe4951.ca




Michelle Gunter, Regional VP – Mackenzie
Phone: (250) 997-7200
Email: vicemackenzie@cupe4951.ca




Kari-Ann Gilbert, Regional VP – Nechako
Phone: (250) 567-3200
Email: vicenechako@cupe4951.ca




Vacant, Regional VP – Quesnel
Email: vicequesnel@cupe4951.ca




Rusty Watson, Chief Shop Steward
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5255
Email: chiefss@cupe4951.ca


Isabel Bouzane, Treasurer
Phone: (250) 997-7200 Local 7208
Email: treasurer@cupe4951.ca


Tammy Kulchyski, Recording Secretary
Phone: (250) 562-2131 Local 5821
Email: recordingsecretary@cupe4951.ca


Garth Schienbein, Delegate NADC
Phone: (250) 692-1708/ 692-6840
Email: nadcrep@cupe4951.ca


Vacant, CNC College Board
Email: collegeboardrep@cupe4951.ca
































Vacant, Sergeant at Arms
Email: sergeantatarms1@cupe4951.ca
































Lynne Willick, Sergeant at Arms
Phone: (250) 996-7019 Local 7110
Email: sergeantatarms2@cupe4951.ca
































Trustees are elected for three year terms that overlap. For a description of the duties of the trustees, please see the CUPE 4951 Bylaws.